Thursday, June 12, 2014

What is the cost of Montessori training?

The result of my action comes back to myself. I train myself. We are using training in the context of the help to train myself. We are using training in the context of the help to train myself. The outcome is the become more fully human, to understand that I can continue to develop my capacity for lifelong development. Human beings are born to learn; we create ourselves through the process of learning. We change who we are through the process of learning. Other living beings grow through learning, but few have the same lifelong capacity like humans do. Human development, such as speaking and walking, is not a choice. Birth to adulthood is taken for granted as a time for development.

We forget that after adulthood, maturation only then becomes a matter of choice. We notice areas where we endeavor by choice to obtain new skills. We state, "It helps me to become more who I am." Through conscious perseverance, deliberate, willed choice, we access the privilege of lifelong learning. With every privilege comes responsibility.

What is the cost of my Montessori training? It is an initiation into the road of self-teaching. The guide is the compass toward finding the road. The guide is the child, not the trainer or any other adult on our course toward development as educators. Preparation will be in conceiving of the new cosmology where the child shows us the way to realize our own potential. The spiritual preparation is the acceptance of the child as a guide for this work. Preparation is also in the form of study for the understanding of the true nature of the child.

We manifest love for the child by studying their nature as a science, not simply through affection. Attachment comes from knowing a thing well, developing respect and intelligent love. I can manifest my love in real ways through my preparation of the environment. All of this is meaningless without preparing for serving the authentic spirit of the child. What is this journey going to be like?

I will explore the child, acknowledging my misconceptions and prejudices.

I will explore myself, becoming aware of my filters, prejudices, and circumstances where I have formed myself, becoming aware of my own thoughts. Without this knowledge, my help to the child is only a hindrance, keeping in mind that education should be defined as "help to life".

I hope to build a greater context on a cosmic level, to conceive of the development of the child within the universe as a whole. The cost is understanding my work in context within the cosmos.

Jeannot Jonte Boucher is a Montessori educator and parent in Dallas, Texas. 

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